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What exactly?
Like petting? Vera asked loudly.
Everyone on the bed! Let's drink!
Okay. - But the game was a success, it just happened.
We, like true gentlemen, ceded the lower shelves to the ladies, which immediately endeared them to us. Deciding to have a bite to eat and a little drink before going to bed, we offered the ladies brandy. They did not refuse, they also got their supplies, and we had dinner together. Before going to bed, Vadim and I went out into the corridor to give the ladies an opportunity to prepare the beds. When we returned to the compartment, they were already on their shelves. We prepared our beds and sat down on the side of the shelves with our ladies.
Wow, it's dangerous to drink with you. You'll still get into bed.
No need. Don't touch, she said softly, hide them behind your back.
I experienced such a buzz, from the fact that I lick my father's sperm from my wife's vagina. Then I put my dick in her pussy and, while fucking her, told her that I saw everything and if she liked it with my father, then I don’t mind, but I’m only glad that she enjoys it. Five minutes later, we violently finished and she ran to the shower. All month my father and I took turns fucking my wife, first him, then me. After this incident, our sex with his wife became like in his younger years. Yes, by the way, she sometimes flies for a week to her father-in-law.
There I allowed the men to squeeze and undress me. Then I alternately sucked off each one while the second worked me from behind.